Three Quick Cleanups to Do Before Visitors Arrive

When I find out someone is getting ready to stop by the house, there are three quick cleanups I do before they arrive.

These three tasks take no time, but make all the difference in my feeling ready for guests.

Quick Cleanup #1:

Wipe down the bathroom: a quick swab of the toilet, a wipe down of the counters, a straightening of the towels, and we’re good to go.


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Quick Cleanup #2:

Clear the Kitchen Counters! Before I go to bed at night, I like to clear my kitchen counters. There’s nothing worse than waking up in the morning and coming downstairs to overflowing counter tops. Ugh! That just doesn’t start my day off well. However, no matter how clear my counters may be in the morning, by lunch time they’ve exploded! When I find out guests are on their way, I try to quickly clear as much as I can from the counter tops. While I’m not always able to put everything away (especially if it’s a project that I am planning to continue working on throughout the day), I try to at least tidy this area up a bit as our kitchen island is one of the main focal points in our open family room/kitchen area where guests spend time when they’re in our home.

Anyone else struggle with keeping kitchen countertops under control?

Quick Cleanup #3: 

Pick up the Toys! The kids can help with this oneIf you’ve read Our Secret to Keeping Toys Organized, then you’ve read my top ideas for how we keep toy cleanup quick and simple for our kids. With their help, this can be an easy task to tackle before guests arrive – a quick cleanup that makes all the difference.

Psst…If I have enough time, I usually light a candle, too. Something about the house smelling good makes me feel better about any messes I might have missed. ha!

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As part of our family's laundry routine, our older kids do their own laundry.

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