Simple Easter Baskets for Kids

For our family, Easter is one of the most-loved holidays on the calendar each year! We love any opportunity to celebrate, but Easter is especially important to us.

However, in our eagerness to celebrate BIG, the whole Easter basket situation had started to get a bit out of hand. We needed to reign things in a little bit as it pertained to Easter baskets.

The first thing I did was purchase smaller Easter baskets! I found these baskets at Target. They were part of the Hearth & Hand Magnolia Collection, and they were the perfect size for us.

The First Step I Took to Simplify Easter Baskets

I began by dropping paper Easter grass down in each child’s basket. Tissue paper always works great, too. Love all the bright colors of spring!

Building Simple Easter Baskets

I filled each basket with items I had chosen specifically with each one of my kids in mind.

I had to be very intentional about breaking past habits of gathering too many items, choosing more extravagant items, etc.

Yes, there’s still candy and treats – just not quite as many. There still might be art supplies or a creative toy of some kind. There may just not multiples of these kinds of things.

An interesting book, but not a whole book series. Maybe a new water bottle, instead of multiple new pool toys for summer. A set of needed pajamas – but in place of yet another toy.

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