The Homeschooling Middle School

If you’ve been following our homeschooling life, you know we’ve been homeschooling since our oldest kiddo was preschool age. It’s hard to believe that now we’re homeschooling middle school!

If you have preschool-age kids in your house, you might enjoy exploring what the preschool years have looked like in our homeschool.

These are suggestions I would share with another family who may be walking the same middle school path we are right now.

A planner could be a great tool to help teach them important organizational and time-management skills.

Help them get organized

This one may surprise you! It may even make you feel a bit uncomfortable—especially if you haven’t been consistent in reading aloud to them in recent years.

Continue to read aloud with them

Take every opportunity to teach your child how to spot important information! This is key to strengthening those study skills.

Teach them how to recognize important info.

As your child gets older, you may notice their interest in a specific topic or subject area deepening.

Provide opportunities for interest-led learning. Let them explore new things

This is a good opportunity to help your child learn how to manage and deal with their emotions, new stress levels they may be experiencing, etc.

Remember, your child is going through physical and emotional changes

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