Tracing and Writing in Salt has consistently been a favorite sensory learning activity in our homeschooling. In the preschool years, it has been a fantastic sensory experience for my little learners.

If you have a child with special needs, a sensory learning experience like this can address specific goals in a way a pencil and paper activity may not be able to do.

- paintbrush - toothpick - cotton swab - the eraser end of a pencil - their index finger

Tracing/Writing Tool Ideas:

However, sensory learning experiences aren’t just for preschoolers. My older kids have also enjoyed writing in salt! Yes, third graders and even fifth graders will enjoy a change of pace from writing in their notebooks and workbooks.

- Cursive writing skills - Spelling words - Vocabulary terms - Latin roots

Older students can practice:

As you can see in the snapshots from our house, a tray of some kind is super helpful for keeping this activity contained.