Letter Stamping with Playdoh

Are you in the beginning stages of introducing your preschooler to the alphabet?

This Letter Stamping Activity is the perfect way to provide your little one with exposure to both uppercase and lowercase letters!


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Letter Stamping with Playdoh

Tubs of Play-doh and Alphabet Stamps

Simply roll out a bit of Playdoh and provide them with stamps to use to stamp the letters into the doh.

Play-doh Stamped with Letter Stamps

No ink required for this stamping activity!

Play-doh Stamped with Letter Stamps

If you have older children, this is a fantastic way to practice spelling words or new vocabulary terms!

Instead of using pencil and paper to write the words, let them use stamps and Playdoh to interact with the words.

They will love the change of pace and benefit greatly from a different approach!

Not sure you have these resources on hand?

  • Alphabet Uppercase & Lowercase Alphabet Stamps Available Here (Similar to the ones pictured)
  • 10-Pack of Playdoh Available Here

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