Word Stamping Activity

If you’re like me, you enjoy brainstorming creative ideas for how your kids can break away from pencil and paper activities and approach learning in ways that engage as many of their senses as possible.

Around here, we are all about hands-on learning opportunities, and over the years, this word stamping activity has been a great activity for my kids.


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Young Boy Stamping Letters into Silly Putty

Stamping Letters, Words, and More!

At the early preschool level, we have used Play-doh and alphabet stamps to explore the letters of the alphabet.

Tubs of Play-doh and Alphabet Stamps

Letter Stamping has been fantastic for encouraging letter recognition – chatting about letter sounds (and words that start with those letters) along the way.

Play-doh Stamped with Letter Stamps

As my kids have started learning more and more words, we have taken this a step a further and used Play-doh or Silly Putty and alphabet stamps to practice:

  • CVC words
  • sight words
Young Boy Sitting at a Table Doing a Spelling Activity
  • spelling words
  • vocabulary terms
Young Boy Stamping Words into Silly Putty

Setting Up this Word Stamping Activity

The tiny little tubs of Playdoh are perfect for 3-letter and 3-letter words.

In fact, the Playdoh doesn’t even have to come out of the container. WIN!

CVC Word Stamped into Small Tub of Play-doh

As we continue to extend this activity with larger words and terms from various subject areas, we roll the Play-doh out in front of us in order to have a larger workspace.

Young Boy Sitting at a Table Doing a Spelling Activity

Using a tray (or cookie sheet) to contain the mess can be super helpful!

Anyone else have a love-hate relationship with Playdoh?

I think it’s such a great learning tool, but I have to mentally prepare myself it.

Ha! Please tell me I’m not alone…

Not sure you have these resources on hand?

  • Alphabet Uppercase & Lowercase Alphabet Stamps Available HereSimilar to the ones pictured
Rubber Stamps Organized in Ice Cube Trays
  • 10-Pack of Regular-Size Playdoh Available Here
  • Mini-Size Playdoh Available Here

Or try Silly Putty!

Young Boy Stamping Words into Silly Putty

Homeschooling Resources Just for You

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