What to Do with the Stuff that you Declutter

I’ve shared our family’s journey to a more minimal lifestyle, and as we continue along this path, we continue to find more and more ways to minimize the inventory in our home.

These idea lists mostly focus on places where you can give your items. Of course toss your trash in the trash…but the good stuff that others might enjoy or benefit from in some way?

• These can be helpful to shelters of all kinds.

• Include in gift bags for the homeless. • Donate to shelters that accept them.



Bathroom Declutter

• Kitchen appliances seem to sell fast on Marketplace, but maybe you’d rather give them to a friend who is setting up a new life in a tiny home or travel camper.

Kitchen Declutter

• Share with a friend or family member who would put them to good use. Hand-me-downs have saved us loads of money over the years. • Prepare to participate in a local consignment sale.


Bedroom Declutter

• You can also sell these at consignment stores that stock books and media. In our area, we have used book stores, homeschool consignment shops, etc.

Books/Media Declutter

• Know another mom who would appreciate some new activities for her kids? Or maybe a grandmother who would like to have some activities on hand at her house for her grandkids when they come to visit.

Toys/Kids Activities Declutter

• Is there a children’s home in your county? Call them to see if they would be able to use the craft supplies you no longer need.

Craft Supplies Declutter