Newborn Baby Stations: Get Organized Before Baby Arrives

Welcoming a new baby in to your home can be such an exciting experience, but it can also be overwhelming! We have experienced this three different times, and each time, a little organization has gone a long way toward helping this mama walk through those early days with a new infant. While we are not able to control how much sleep we’ll be able to get (Wouldn’t that be nice?), there are a few things we can control.

Unless you have a super early surprise delivery, you can throw together a few freezer meals to help once your meal deliveries from your friends and family stop! I suggest doing this before you get too far along in that third trimester. 😉


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The Ultimate Freezer Meal Post by This Little Home of Mine

Doing this has been SUCH a huge help to us, but there has been one other step we’ve taken to help us get organized before baby’s arrival.

We have created Newborn Baby Stations…all throughout our house!

Get Organized Before Baby Arrives with this Quick and Easy Idea by This Little Home of Mine

There’s no need to go out and buy anything new! Simply use baskets or containers that you already have, and use the supplies you received at your baby shower to put together baskets that are full of the essential baby items you will want to have on hand!

If something is missing, use those leftover gift cards to buy the following essentials for your baby station:

(I promise you don’t need much!)



diaper cream

extra clothes

burp cloth

nursing supplies for mommy

feeding supplies for baby

These Newborn Baby Stations are perfect to put in your family room…next to your nursing chair (Check out my nursing chair in the photo above – It’s my favorite piece of furniture in the house!)…in your kiddos’ play area (depending on how you have things set up)…you get the idea!

When my oldest was born, our baskets included diapers, wipes, diaper cream, thermometer (Note: We, as first-time parents, checked our baby’s temperature every 15 minutes – as instructed by the hospital’s discharge nurse.), a couple of outfit changes, extra socks, burp cloths, pacifiers, etc.
As he got older, I adjusted what was in the basket based on what was actually needed at the time.

I have used this same system with our other little ones, and it has been great! It has kept me from having to run up and down the stairs for an extra onesie, a new pack of wipes, or anything else I might need throughout the day. I have had everything I’ve needed right there within arms reach! What could be more helpful to a new mom?!

Psst…I use a similar system in our mini-van: Check it out!

When I first became a mom, I knew I wanted to nurse my new little sweetie, but I also wanted to be able to pump/bottle feed every once in awhile. Not only did I want to give daddy an opportunity to help with feedings, but I also knew that there would be times when I wanted to be able to step away for a breather and have peace of mind knowing that my kiddo was going to be able to eat while I was away – Have all three of mine cooperated with this plan? No, but every little one is going to be different, and if you’re a new mom, I promise you and your little one will settle in to a great routine that works for both of you…even if it takes a little while.

My oldest was a champ with this whole thing – flexible with feeding and happy to take it any way he could get it, but I definitely wanted to use quality products that made it comfortable for him to transition back and forth between nursing and bottle-feeding.

Newborn Baby Stations by This Little Home of Mine

While I was taking a few mommy-minutes strolling around the grocery store…or stealing an evening out for coffee with a friend…I wanted to know that he was okay.

5 Ways to Take Care of Mama by This Little Home of Mine

As a new mom, it was hard for me to relax unless I knew for sure that he was fed and happy, and Munchkin has designed a line of high quality, durable products with this exact goal in mind!

Newborn Baby Stations by This Little Home of Mine

Munchkin’s LATCH bottle has been designed to allow moms to easily and comfortably transition between breast and bottle – offering products for mommy and baby! #latchletsme

Newborn Baby Stations by This Little Home of Mine

Their soft, super-absorbent nursing pads are perfectly comfortable! Their milk storage bags are strong and durable! Their bottle brush is perfectly designed to effectively clean their bottles! All just as you need it to be so you can focus on those sweet baby snuggles…no matter how tired you might be!

Check out more daily care essentials for mommy as well as a wide variety of products for newborns AND toddler! There are lots of options to consider when it comes time to register for your baby shower and get organized before baby’s arrival!

This shop has been compensated by Collectively. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #LetchLetsMe #MunchkinLatch

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  1. Couldn’t agree more with this post. Diapers and baby wipes are must-have items, we couldn’t survive the first 3 months without them.

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      Yes, yes, yes!

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