If you’ve been working to simplify your home, know you are not alone. I’ve shared our family’s journey to a more minimal lifestyle, and as we continue along this path, we continue to find more and more ways to minimize the inventory in our home.

Towels/Linens: These can be helpful to shelters of all kinds. Toiletries: Include in gift bags for the homeless. Cleaning Supplies: These can be helpful to some schools/churches in your community.

Bathroom Declutter

Kitchen appliances seem to sell fast on Marketplace, but maybe you’d rather give them to a friend who is setting up a new life in a tiny home or travel camper. Know someone who owns a vacation rental property? Could they use any of your extra items in their cabin or condo?

Kitchen Declutter

Clothes:  Share with a friend or family member who would put them to good use. Furniture: Sell on Craig’s List or Facebook Marketplace – They will probably sell fast!

Bedroom Declutter

Over the years, I’ve had success selling these items on various online platforms, but some of the ones I once used are no longer around – maybe you’ve checked out some new options!

Books/Media Declutter

Know another mom who would appreciate some new activities for her kids? Or maybe a grandmother who would like to have some activities on hand at her house for her grandkids when they come to visit.

Toys/Kids Activities Declutter