A Challenge to Laugh with Our Kids

A Challenge to Laugh:

but life can feel so full…so busy…so serious:

  • school
  • work
  • chores
  • to-do lists
  • errands
  • appointments
  • practices
  • games
  • lessons
  • classes
  • meetings
  • big events
  • small commitments

and on and on it seems to go! Early on in my parenting, I read an article – I wish I could remember where I read it…or who wrote it. – but the author was challenging parents to everyday belly laughs with their kids. 


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A Challenge to Laugh with Your Kids Every Day by This Little Home of Mine

Doesn’t that sound so simple? It feels like something that should already be happening – but if your family’s day-to-day gets as busy as ours does sometimes (and I know it does!), you can relate to how something so simple could so easily fall to the wayside.

We’ve all been there!

So in our home, when we start to feel like we’re stuck in a rut…cycling through our day-to-day with too much seriousness and not enough laughter, that challenge I read all those years ago seems to always come to mind. 

Everyday Belly Laughs with Our Kids

Let’s make it happen!


First of all, we must be willing to press pause on life! We can’t be afraid to simply drop everything for a little fun: focusing on doing what’s most important…not what’s most urgent.

Isn’t that good? It’s not original with me…again, I’m not sure who said it. If it was you, send me an e-mail. I’ll link to your website! ha! Anyway….

Stop, Drop, and LAUGH!

A Challenge to Laugh with Your Kids Every Day by This Little Home of Mine

Here’s some inspiration for when you feel stuck:

  • Funny Animal Videos: Watch a funny animal video – like the Sneezing Panda one or this one we recently watched about squirrels and chipmunks. In our house, this always brings the giggles.
  • Dance Parties: Have a dance party – GoNoodle has some silly videos! Go wild!
  • Outside Play: If at all possible, get outside and play! For us, a change of scenery and some fresh air will typically guarantee a turn-around.
  • Cheesy Jokes: At your next meal, read from a knock-knock joke book. The cheesier the better (I’m talking about the jokes…not the meal – though around here, we do love Gouda).
  • Silly Read-Alouds: Read a picture book aloud – using the silliest voices and wildest range of volume you can possibly imagine!
  • Crazy Creatures: Sketch half-and-half animals. For example, a half-and-half animal could be 1/2 dog and 1/2 horse – then brainstorm funny names for these make believe creatures!
  • Nonsense Chats: Brainstorm nonsense words! Everyone has to try to say them…and explain what they mean…and then think of words that rhyme with them.
  • Backwards Dinners: Eat dinner (or breakfast – or lunch) backwards – dessert first, of course! For this one, be sure to let me know what time to be there – I’d like to come. P.S. Cheesecake is my favorite.

Friends, there have been many times when this kind of silliness has turned our whole day around, and I hope you’re able to grab one of these ideas and make a grumpy day in your house a more cheerful one.

Proverbs 17:22: A joyful heart is good medicine.

Song: A Joyful Heart Scripture Memory Song – Available Here

A Challenge to Laugh with Your Kids Every Day by This Little Home of Mine

What other SIMPLE ideas would you add to this list? What would gift your family with moments to giggle together? The sillier the better.

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