Simple Science: Drops of Water on a Coin

Simple Science - How many drops of water can you fit on each coin? by This Little Home of Mine

Around here, we love doing Science Experiments, but we are all about SIMPLE activities that require little to no prep!


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So many of our favorite explorations have come from this book: Science Experiments for Young Learners – I realize the cover is a little dated (I’ve had it for years.), but it is a gem of a book!

This particular SIMPLE science experiment was definitely a hit, and my kids have continued wanting to explore with it time and time again! Water activities seem to always go over well around here.

Simple Science: Drops of Water on a Coin

To get started, gather the following for each child:

  • a variety of coins
  • a water dropper (We used medicine droppers I’ve saved from boxes of Tylenol and such, but you may have something cuter – like these or these. ha!)
  • a small container of water
  • a plate or tray to catch the overflow

Next, ask the following question and begin exploring together:

“How many teeny, tiny drops of water can you fit on the head of each coin?”

Yes, we counted drops of water…

…chatted about coin values

…talked about the pictures found on each coin. Who were these men? What is that on the back of the coin?

This activity gifted us with so many opportunities to tie together all kinds of different things we have been learning about in recent months. I love teaching/learning that way – It just works!

I wasn’t sure if my preschooler would have the patience to join in with his older brother – without pushing all of the water out of the dropper at once – but he did! The fine motor skills practice was fantastic for both of them.

They had a great time with this one, and mom and dad may have also had fun joining in on this one! Be sure to let me know if you give it a try!

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