Fall Treat Boxes for Your Neighbors

How well do you know your neighbors? To be honest, we really don’t know ours very well! Sure, we wave in passing, and if the weather is pretty and everyone is out for an evening walk, we may even stop for a quick chat. Other than that, we live side-by-side with people who are – in all reality – strangers to us.

With that being said, I am always looking for creative ways to reach out to the people right in our immediate community! How else will they ever see the light of Christ in us if we never let them know we care?


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How does our family show someone we care? What does that look like for us? Well, to be honest, it typically involves food. Okay, it usually always involves food – maybe it’s a southern thing.

During the fall, I love putting together Fall Treat Boxes for Our Neighbors – little packages to let our neighbors know we are thankful for them…and grateful that they haven’t stolen our grill…and appreciative that they don’t let their dogs use the bathroom in our yard…this list could go on for ever, but you get the idea.

We start by baking cookies, and my kids love being a part of that! You may have a yummy fall recipe or store bought dough works, too~

Once the cookies cool, we package them up in cute little boxes like these that I found at Hobby Lobby (Be sure to always use your 40% Off Coupon…or buy them when they’re half price!)…

Fall Treat Boxes For Your Neighbors by This Little Home of Mine

…then we tie the boxes up with twine like this that I found at Michael’s…

Fall Treat Boxes For Your Neighbors by This Little Home of Mine

…and ta-da! A super easy way to let your neighbors know you’re thinking of them…

Fall Treat Boxes For Your Neighbors by This Little Home of Mine

…and a great opportunity for teaching your kiddos to think of others.

Psst…be sure to involve your little ones in the delivery of these boxes!

One year, we use these cute little bags to package up cookies.

Fall Treat Boxes and Bags For Your Neighbors by This Little Home of Mine

I can’t remember where I found them, but I sure do wish I had bought more!

Need a sweet neighbor-gift idea for Christmas? These Cheeseball Kits are always a hit!

For more inspiration for turning your strangerhood in to a neighborhood, read The Art of Neighboring. 

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