Preparing for Battle…

Yesterday, we walked…

As we walked, we prayed…


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…and as we prayed, the enemy showed up in full force.

With our children beside us, we as a family stood in front of the largest abortion clinic in the southeast and asked the Father to shine His light into the darkness and fill hopeless places with hope…

Mommy, are we marching like Joshua – asking God to give us our city?, my five-year-old asked. 

Yes, buddy, that is exactly what we’re doing!

And as we pleaded for life, the enemy fought to overwhelm with death.

The world’s system was so very present and seething with anger:

  • screaming for equality while snuffing out the rights of those without a voice.
  • begging for kindness as the blood of infants drips from their hands.
  • clawing for love and tolerance and understanding while cursing those standing prepared to give.

I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

We’ve walked this silent walk before…calmly stood in this very spot before…lovingly prayed over this clinic before, coming face-to-face with the spiritual warfare that is so very present.

Death on one side of the street and life on the other – exactly what our children will face time and time again throughout their lives.

Are we preparing them for battle?

We don’t take it seriously enough.

Our lives are so full – full of distractions, full of to-dos, full of stuff – exactly how the enemy wants it to be. Lives so seemingly complete that we leave no space for the realization that there is a war raging around us and we are raising children unable to withstand the enemy.

Do our children know why we marched…why we prayed…and why we will continue to partner with the amazing ministries in our area who are meeting the tangible needs of countless families? Yes, yes, and yes, and not only do they understand the why, but we intentionally gather them on the front lines with us.

Abortion: too sensitive a topic for our children? We don’t believe so.

Yes, our children are young, but from an early age, we want to raise them with an understanding that the enemy seeks to steal, kill, and destroy. We want to model for them how to stand. Whether they’re in a group or all alone, we want them to be prepared – in any situation they might face – to choose life and hope over death and despair.

In a culture of death, we have been called to raise up warriors for life, and we are committed to that.

As our church has partnered with Love Life in their efforts to create a culture of love in and life in the Carolinas, it has been amazing to hear the stories of heart transformation and life change. Life being chosen…abortionists leaving their post to walk and pray on the other side…and that’s just the beginning.

Fellow Christ followers, it’s time to clear the clutter in our lives and get serious about what we’ve been called to do. It’s time to focus less on the honor rolls, all-start teams, and college acceptance letters, and start preparing our children for the fight of their lives.

At other times in history when battles were raging, children were a part of the story. Parents were unable to shield their children from the harsh realities of war, and the same is true today. As our current cultural wars rage around us, we can choose to engage on the front lines as a family – and what a powerful impact our children can have on the outcome.

Fellow families, let’s prepare for battle!

God, break our hearts for what breaks yours…give us spirits of obedience…may we communicate LIFE and HOPE through the way we love others and serve them well…and in whatever ways you ask us to take action, may we be willing. 

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