Skittles Science Experiment

When I came across this video from The Dad Lab showing the coolest Skittles Science Experiment, I KNEW we had to give it a try!

Skittles Science Experiment

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step #1: We grabbed a pack of Skittles from a stash of leftover candy we had in the pantry, and we arranged them on a plate.

Step #2: Next, we poured warm water on to the Skittles and watched the magic happen!

Skittles Science Experiment by This Little Home of Mine

My kids were fascinated by the whole thing, and now every time they see Skittles, they ask to make another rainbow!

A Couple of Extra Ideas

Idea #1: I always love when I can pair an activity or experiment with a read-aloud, and The Color Kittens was the perfect book for this one! I have a love for Little Golden Books (You, too? Yay!), and this has become one of our favorites around here.

The Color Kittens

Available Here

Idea #2: When I was an elementary classroom teacher, I loved using journaling with my students, and it has become one of my favorite parts of homeschooling as well. My kids have a math journal, a language arts journal, and a science/social studies  journal, but these journals are not just for writing – we use them for all kinds of things. For example, with this activity, I had my kids draw a picture of what happened when we poured the warm water on the Skittles, and they did a great job.

Skittles Science Experiment by This Little Home of Mine

We have also used our science journal as a place to draw pictures of what we PREDICT will happen with various experiments. It’s so much fun to watch my kids’ wheels turns.

Our journals aren’t anything fancy – At this time, we use just regular notebooks/notepads. Anything goes!

Idea #3: Skittles can be dropped down in individual glasses of water to create colorful cups of liquid! These kinds of activities provide a great opportunity to explore color mixing.

These color-mixing glasses from Learning Resources are a great addition to the fun,

Skittles Science Experiment by This Little Home of Mine

and as always, don’t ever be afraid to bring more read-alouds into the mix.

Skittles Science Experiment by This Little Home of Mine

Updated Version of White Rabbit’s Color Book Available Here

Whatever encourages your kiddos to get excited about learning, DO IT!

*Classroom Size Jumbo Bag of Skittles Available Here*

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