Spoon Book and Exploratory Play

“Spoon” by Amy Krause Rosenthal was such a fun book we discovered at the local library!

Spoon Book and Exploratory Play

We enjoyed reading it together – everyone was laughing – but it also led to some fun exploratory play.


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Spoon Book and Exploratory Play

Exploratory Play Supplies for this Spoon Activity

  • shallow container
  • water
  • a variety of different spoons

Small little containers can also be a fun addition to water play.

Now it’s time to explore with spoons!

Scooping and pouring with the different spoons (and containers) is not only a fun addition to your read-aloud time with this book, but it is also great for strengthening fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, etc.

A fun extension of this activity to compare the possibilities of the spoons with what it looks like to try to scoop and pour with a fork…or a knife. I guarantee you will have your kiddos laughing as they try this! It’s impossible!

Spoon Book and Exploratory Play

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