The Gingerbread Man Story Books for Kids

The Gingerbread Man Story is a classic tale read by families throughout the Christmas season.

Over the years, we have made such sweet Christmas memories reading this story together.


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First I snuggle the kids up near the Christmas tree. Then we eat gingerbread cookies while we read.

We own a few different versions of The Gingerbread Man Story.

We also have a few other gingerbread-themed story books for kids.

I’ll include them in this post, but let’s start with the classic story first.

This is the classic version of The Gingerbread Man Story.

This particular copy was read on repeat in my elementary classroom.

Now, I read it with my own children every Christmas.

I have many special holiday memories connected to this book!

Children's Books Sitting on a Table

This version of the story is also available in board book form, and would make such a sweet gift for younger children.

Next up is this sweet little vintage version of the story.

I spotted this little picture book at a yard sale, and could not resist.

Vintage Gingerbread Man Story Book Sitting on the Table

You knew an interactive book was coming, and here it is!

Usborne Listen & Read Story Book - The Gingerbread Man

This is the Usborne Listen & Read Story Book version of The Gingerbread Man Story.

There are a variety of different stories available in this Listen & Read format.

As your child walks through the pages, they can press a button and have the story read aloud to them.

These are great for car trips, independent bedtime, or cuddle time together!

Compare and Contrast Story Activity

Some might think it’s silly to have more than one version of a story book like this, but I promise I have a good explanation.

Maybe you choose to borrow your storybooks from the library rather than housing a home library – that works, too!

I love reading different versions of these kinds of stories, and then giving my kids the opportunity to compare and contrast the characters, the storyline, the illustrations, etc.

Children's Books Displayed by the Christmas Tree

When you do this with different classic stories, you can make a whole activity of it – providing your child/student with a Venn Diagram graphic organizer to use as they compare or contrast.

Or you could simply discuss the similarities and differences you spot as you walk through the tale together.

You decide what works best for you!

For us, as we’re gathered around the tree munching on cookies, a discussion usually works best for us.

More Gingerbread-Themed Books

Now for more gingerbread reading fun!

I can’t possibly fail to Jan Brett’s beautiful Christmas storybooks!

Gingerbread Friends is one of three Gingerbread Books by Jan Brett!

  • Gingerbread Baby
  • Gingerbread Friends
  • Gingerbread Christmas
Gingerbread Friends Storybook by Jan Brett

Her illustrations stand out – you know them when you see them!

So much thought and intention goes into her storybooks, creating fantastic learning opportunities as you walk through the pages of her books.

This is true no matter what age child you’re reading with at the holidays!

While shopping second-hand, I spotted this Jan Brett Gingerbread Puzzle.

It was brand new and came in this cute little carrying case.

Jan Brett Gingerbread Storybook and Floor Puzzle

I’ve had trouble hunting down a link for you, but I will update this post if I’m able to find it!

In the meantime, maybe you’re younger kids would enjoy this Scratch and Sniff Gingerbread Friends Puzzle.

Psst…here’s a 500-piece Gingerbread House Puzzle for your older kids!

Moral of the story, always be on the lookout for great finds that will add to your holiday fun for a fraction of the new cost.

Gingerbread Man Story Books and Puzzle

Another sweet gingerbread picture book we own is Gingerbread Mouse.

The Gingerbread Mouse Picture Book

I was sad when my older kids outgrew this sweet story, but so happy my younger kids are still able to appreciate it.

It is the cutest little story.

If making Gingerbread Houses is a tradition for your family, this would be the perfect story to pair with that activity.

If you’ve been around here long, you know I’m always thinking this way.

  • What book can be paired with the activity we’re doing?
  • What snack can be paired with the book we’re reading?

This is just how my mind works, and I hope when you read my posts, you find an idea that your family would enjoy, too.

Jan Brett Storybook and Puzzle

Special Gingerbread Gift Ideas

Additional Versions of The Gingerbread Man Story

More Gingerbread Books

Gingerbread-Themed STEM Ideas

This Gingerbread Man Cookie Dice Game

The Gingerbread Man Cookie Game

and Gingerbread House Construction Zone Activity are part of our Christmas Stem Packet!

This is a $5 automatic download full of STEM activities perfect for the Christmas season!

Christmas STEM Activity Packet - Promo Graphic 3

Draw The Gingerbread Man

Watch The Gingerbread Man Story

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  1. Wonderful last minute ideas. I actually made ginger bread men cookies for the first time yesterday. Great to incorporate a show or game. Thank you!

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