Chipped Beef Cheeseball

Chipped Beef Cheeseball is our family’s favorite appetizer to make for special occasions or casual potluck gatherings.


- Cream Cheese - Dried Beef - Dry ranch seasoning - Green Onions - Worcestershire Sauce

Begin by removing the cream cheese from the fridge and allowing it to soften.

Next, dice the slices of dried beef in to small square-like pieces.

When your cream cheese has softened enough to be workable, mix in the diced beef, green onions, ranch seasoning, and a dash of Worcestershire Sauce.

Even though it can get a little messy, I usually use my hands to for mixing!

Quick Tip: I like to keep Savory Spice Shop’s dehydrated onions on hand! When it’s time to make recipes like this, being able to toss in a handful of pre-sliced onions is super helpful.

After all of the ingredients have been mixed together, either place the dip down in a ball or form it in to a ball and set it on a serving dish. Fancy or casual – either way goes!