Clutter-Free Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Man

If you’re like me, you’ve started to think a little bit about the holidays and while you want to share meaningful gifts with those you love, you don’t want to create any clutter in the process!

This includes my favorite Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Man – gifts that won’t create more clutter!

My hope is that these ideas will help you as consider Christmas, your guy’s birthday, Father’s Day, and the day-to-day.

Dry Cleaning

We have always used a clothing steamer, and while it makes preparing clothes easy, a chore is a chore.

Car Detailing

Needless to say, getting the cars detailed for hubby was a great non-thing gift idea for my man!

I love when they offer vouchers for fun outings, concerts, upcoming events, etc. Definitely watch them closely for gift ideas!

Groupons for Activities & Events

What is your man’s favorite restaurant? Does he have a hobby that he loves? Gift certificates are a great way to provide an experience without dragging more stuff in to the house!

Gift Certificates


Don’t give your guy a hard time about wanting to play golf with his buddies or go on a weekend camping trip with his inner circle.