Color Baths: A Fun Way to Teach Colors

In my daughter’s speech therapy sessions, she is currently focused in these areas, and one of the fun ways we encourage her with her colors is to do Color Baths!

Color Baths are where I gather all kinds of different items of the same color and toss them in the bathtub with her.

For example, let’s say it’s time for a BLUE Color Bath. I start the water – bubbles are always fun to add to the mix.

And then I toss in as many blue items as I can find:

• blue Mega Blocks®

• a blue ball

• blue fish

You get the idea!

She plays with these items, and we repeatedly chat about the color blue!

I might be sitting outside of the tub with color flashcards or a book about colors – really focusing in on the color we’re working on that night.

You can do this with any color, and it has been a fantastic speech activity for her.

You can do a different color each night – or do like we did and spend a week on each color. Every night for a week, it’s a blue color bath. Then the next week, all of our baths our pink color baths.