These simple dessert kabobs are so easy to build. Yes, they involve brownies and donuts on a stick – yes, please!


– Strawberries – Marshmallows – Brownie Bites – Rice Krispies Treats – Donut Holes


Step 1

Start by getting your baking sheet ready by lining it with parchment paper.

Step 2

Load up your skewers with the strawberries, marshmallows, brownies, and Rice Krispy Treats in any order you wish!

Step 3

Place skewers flat on the baking tray, with a little space between them.

Take the bag out and knead it with your hands between each 30 second session, so that the outer layer of chocolate doesn't scorch.

Step 4

Cut off one lower corner of the plastic bag and drizzle the chocolate across the top of your fruit skewers.

Step 5

Set the skewers aside for the chocolate drizzle to harden. If your kitchen is warm, consider using the fridge for this!

Step 6

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