How to Organize and Safely Store Medicine

We actually don’t have an actual medicine cabinet, but I have come up with a system for organizing and safely storing our medicine, and in this post, I’m going to give you a glimpse in to how I do it!

One of our containers is specifically for first-aid related items:

- First-aid ointment  - Band-aids - Gauze, etc.

Another one of our containers is for basic medicine that mommy (that’s me) and daddy might use from time to time:

- Acetaminophen - Ibuprofen - Eye drops

The third container is for all of the health-related items we keep on hand for our kiddos:

- Medicine - Thermometer - Vaseline - Saline spray - Diaper cream - Kid-specific first-aid items, etc.

Tip #1

Watch for specials on the products you use often! For example, when I find the dye-free kid’s medicine on special.

Tip #2

Keep your supplies in their designated place! This kit is home to all of the medicine, etc.

Tip #3

Every so often (maybe once or twice a year), glance at the items in your container and safely discard any expired products you might have.

Bonus Tip:

These containers can easily be stored in a bathroom or in the kitchen! My advice? Store them on the top shelf of your bathroom closet or pantry.