Kid’s Paint Supplies: Our Favorites!

Do you have a little artist on your hands? I know I do! My kids love it when I bring out the art supplies, especially when it’s time to paint.

And I’m sharing my favorite Kid’s Paint Supplies and where you can find them for your little ones!

When it comes to containing the mess, these Melissa & Doug Paint Cups are a must-have! I have found them to be SO helpful, especially when it comes to limiting paint spills.

Contain the Splatter

Crayola makes washable kid’s paint, and I know the word washable is music to everyone’s ears—especially to the one in charge of the kiddos’ laundry.

Don’t forget the paint!

Want to stick with watercolors? Melissa & Doug Jumbo Watercolors are our favorites! These super cute watercolor sets have been the perfect creative item to add.

These Melissa & Doug Jumbo Paint Brushes are perfect for grasping, and when I’ve given them a try, I have found these brushes to be easy to hold and comfortable to use.

The Best Brushes in Town

If painting with water sounds like a good idea to you, these On-the-Go Water Wow Books by Melissa & Doug are fantastic!

Paint with Water

These Paint with Water Books are great for rainy days indoors, and I’ve also taken them on vacation to use when my kids need a little down time in the afternoons. Easy to pack. Very little mess. It’s a win-win!

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