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Painting with Forks

Painting with Forks by This Little Home of Mine

No matter the time of year, I like to have indoor activities on hand! Whether it’s raining outside…or just too plain hot (or cold) to venture outdoors, it helps if we have something to do inside that will keep little hands busy, and this Painting with Forks activity has been a winner in our house!

Painting with Forks

The activity pictured here is one that my littles did at the local library. During the preschool music time/story time, the librarian will oftentimes include some time of craft or activity to go along with the stories that she is reading, and for this particular art project, she had gone ahead and prepared most of the scene. She had painted a strip of grass, drawn stems and leaves for the flowers, and attached a sun to the upper right-hand corner of the paper.

The preschoolers job? To simply dab a fork in paint and then press it down atop the flower stems to create colorful flowers all across the page!

Painting with Forks by This Little Home of Mine

At home, you could do each of these steps with your child (or if they’re old enough, provide them with the supplies to do all of it themselves), but she was trying to work with 30 preschoolers at one time, so we’ll cut her some slack. 😉

It didn’t take me long to fall in love with the idea of painting with forks, and we have since created more flowers and found loads of super cute ideas for how to create other fun paint projects using forks:

Check these out:

leprechaun – This one is fun for St. Patrick’s Day!


baby chick – This one is adorable for Easter!

puffer fish – Learning about the ocean?

panda bear

brown bear


fireworks – This one is perfect for the 4th of July!

Love the idea of painting with forks?

You might also want to try Painting with Hot Wheels Cars! My kids are crazy over this idea, too!

Painting with Hot Wheels Cars by This Little Home of Mine

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