How to Create Your Own Rustic Headboard

As David and I were going through the process of building our house, we loved shopping for traditional pieces as well as furniture and accessories that we could use to furnish and decorate our home once it was complete.

While we scored some incredible bargains, there were a few specific items that we struggled to find – the perfect rustic headboard being one of those things.

After months of shopping around, we thought, “Why don’t we just make our own rustic headboard?” By we I mean my hubby as he is the talented woodworker in the family.

While browsing Pinterest, we came across a gorgeous headboard designed/created by Ana White, and we agreed that it was absolutely perfect – exactly what we had been looking for months!

So hubby began by taking measurements of our metal bed frame and adjusting the plan accordingly.

How We Created Our Own Rustic Headboard

We also knew that we wanted our headboard to reach higher up toward our bedroom ceiling. So hubby considered that as well when he was deciding how much wood needed to be purchased.

We were able to purchase everything we needed from Lowe’s. Southern Yellow Pine was our choice of wood. Rustoleum’s American Walnut was the perfect stain color for us!

We finished the project by using Rustoleum’s matte-finish polyurethane. We spent closer to $100 on our materials, but we did create a much larger version of her project.


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