DIY Photo Door

See that old screen door? Hanging sideways on the wall with canvases displayed in the open spaces? Yep, that’s my DIY Photo Door, and guess what?

Photo Door by This Little Home of Mine


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I found it in the trash! Someone was throwing out an old door!

Now I typically don’t pick things up off the side of the road…okay, sometimes I do…but only if I know down deep in my heart that I am definitely going to do something with the item. My second rule? I must do the project soon! There’s no letting junk pile up in my garage – because I have a phobia of all things related to hoarding…but that discussion is for another time.


As soon as I saw this door, I knew I wanted to do something unique with it! I knew I could upcycle it and turn it in to a repurposed item that I would love!

Sooooooo, I sanded down the roughest spots and added some polyurethane to finish it off a bit. By I I mean my hubby – sanding, applying poly, that’s his thing.

I get more excited about the fun part:

Hanging the finished product on the wall and then displaying two of my favorite canvases inside of it!

I have ordered canvases from a variety of different places (Thank you Groupon for great deals!), but the easiest way to go for me has been to order through Shutterfly or Wal-mart. I have had really great experiences with both!

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