The secret to this version? Philadelphia Cream Cheese! Yes! The kind with onions and chives!

That stuff is a game changer, and I am committing the next year of my life to finding as many ways as possible to work that yummy goodness in to as many recipes as possible.


Garlic Diced Broccoli Shrimped Coconut Oil Milk

Step #1: In coconut oil, saute a smidge of garlic, a handful of diced broccoli, and a couple of cups of shrimp.

Step #2: Once the shrimp is cooked and the broccoli is soft, pour in a splash of milk and then dump in a little tub of that Philadelphia Cream Cheese.

Step #3: Let all of that simmer for a bit while you're boiling up a batch of linguine.

Step #4: Once the pasta is cooked, toss it with the yummy mixture you've been simmering, and then serve!

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