Sugar Cookie Fruit Pizza

This fruit pizza with a sugar cookie base includes many of my favorite things all in one light and delicious dessert. I think you’re going to love this Sugar Cookie Fruit Pizza as much as we do!


– Sugar Cookie Dough – Cool Whip – Your Favorite Fruit


Step 1

Press your sugar cookie dough into a 14-inch pizza pan or a 5×7 inch baking sheet. You can also use a 12-inch pizza pan, if you'd like a thicker sugar cookie base.

Step 2

Bake the cookie sheet until golden brown. (Follow package instructions.) After you take it out of the oven, let it cool completely, otherwise it will melt your whipped cream.

Step 3

Use an offset spatula to spread a thick layer of Cool Whip across the soft sugar cookie crust.

Slice your favorite fresh fruit, and arrange the fruit slices in whatever design you desire. Slice and enjoy!

Step 4

It’s best to eat your fruit pizza immediately, because many fruits start to turn brown not too long after cutting, or their juices will start to get all over the whipped cream.

Storing Leftover Fruit Pizzas

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