The Family that Reads Together

In my e-book, Lifestyle Homeschooling, I share an in-depth look into how our family has embraced a lifestyle of reading TOGETHER. In fact, Chapter Three is titled: The Family that Reads Together…

Not sure what resources to buy? Not sure how to get organized? Not sure how to homeschool multiple kids? This book will answer your questions and more!

Over the years, numerous studies have been done to prove that few things are more powerful than reading with kids – kids of all ages.

Inside Our Lifestyle:

I love sharing books with my kids. It’s something I’m able to do with all of them together…

– at the breakfast – at the park during a family picnic

I also love giving them independent time with books as well…

– in their rooms before they go to sleep or after they wake up – during rest time in the afternoons

In our current chapter of life, we enjoy read-aloud stories from our family collection, books (and audio-books) from our local library, online read-alouds, and more!

Does your library offer Playaways? These are such a neat audiobook option for kids, and my kids have enjoyed drawing while they’re listening.

Throughout every season of the year, books are such a huge part of our lifestyle of homeschooling.

If you’ve been following along with me for long, you know I love sharing my favorite finds with you, and I hear from so many families who have fallen in love with many of the same titles we have.