This Trash Can Hack Changed Everything

With a busy family life, I am always looking for big ways and small ways to save time! I love when I stumble on to time-saving tricks that help things around our home run just a tad smoother.

So when I discovered this trash can hack on Pinterest, I started using the idea right away, and I quickly decided that it was going to be a game changer.

What to do:

The next time your kitchen trash can needs emptying, remove the full bag and instead of immediately replacing it with another single bag.

Place the entire new roll of garbage bags down in the bottom of your trash can – pulling one off to use in the can, of course.

The next time you’re ready to empty your trash can, your new bag will be right there in the bottom of the can – ready to grab!

To make things even easier, you might want to tear off 5-10 bags, fold them loosely, and place them down in the bottom of the can!

This may be an especially good idea if you have a smaller trash can that does not allow for the entire roll of garbage to fit down in your can along with your trash!

This simple trash can hack has saved us! Instead of having to grab a garbage bag from elsewhere, our bags are right there ready to go when it’s time to empty our trash can.