What did I do RIGHT today?

We’ve all been there. We get to the end of the day…the kids are in bed, and we find ourselves with moments to think back over the day with a little more clarity than we had as we were walking through life with them just hours ago.

And it is in these moments when we can most clearly hear Satan whisper to us,


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You failed again. 

and we begin to beat ourselves up with questions like

Why was I so impatient…again?

Why did I react that way? 

Why didn’t I say more? or Why didn’t I say less? 

Why did I choose THAT?

They looked so disappointed – How did I forget…again?

Questions like these can roll in like a flood – reminding us of all the messy moments in our day: moments when our reactions were not Christ-like…moments when we chose impatience over savoring…moments when we said too much…moments when we didn’t say enough…moments when we chose what felt most urgent over what was actually the most important…moments when our hectic schedule reigned and we forgot…moments when we let down someone we love.

I am the world’s worst at spending a good part of my evening thinking back through all the things I wish I had done differently throughout my day. Sure, God has used this time to work in my heart about areas where I need to grow. I AM oftentimes impatient. I DON’T always react to my children like He would want me to react. My words OFTENTIMES are not grace-filled. I DO get too busy and then feel too rushed (or too tired) to be the mom I so desperately want to be.

I am a work in progress…we all are.

But what if we stopped focusing on all of the moments where we messed up – and began to ask ourselves,

“What did I do RIGHT today?”

What did I do right today

This has been on a my mind a good bit lately, and I have to tell you – turning my thoughts in a more positive direction has been a game changer for me!

In those times when I am criticizing myself – literally beating myself up over all the things I want to do differently the next day – if I simply stop and ask myself: What did I do RIGHT today? the Father – the One who rejoices over me with singing as I walk through the day-to-day of wanting to serve my family well – wraps His arms around me and begins to overpower the Evil One with encouraging reminders.

Did you see the way your oldest smiled when you complimented him on a job well done? Do that again tomorrow!

Did you see how much better your child responded when you corrected him with more patience that time? Try that again tomorrow!

They loved when you chose to work puzzles with them tonight (rather than vegging out on your phone while they watched TV). Choose them again tomorrow! 

You got dinner on the table tonight! Reward yourself with takeout tomorrow! (Okay, I’m not sure He actually says the part about the takeout, but you’re with me, right?)

Today, may each of us look Satan dead in the eye and say, No! I am NOT going to allow you make me feel defeated in my role as a mom! On this day, I choose to learn from my weak moments and celebrate the ones where I allow God to empower me to serve well in my home. And I will do this again tomorrow!

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