To All My Fellow Fords…

Following the arrival of our newest addition, we felt it would be wise to spend some time reevaluating and updating a handful of our personal documents – various policies, etc.

One of the things we decided we wanted to update was the amount of coverage we have as it relates to the life insurance policy we have for me.


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We wanted to increase my coverage. So one afternoon, hubby jumped on the phone for what we both expected to be a fairly painless change.

As he and the customer service agent commenced with discussing the details, the employee began by inquiring about my occupation. My husband explained that I was at home full-time with our children. At that point, the response to my husband was as follows:

“Sir, why would you insure a Ford at a Mercedes rate?” 

Wow! We have heard much in response to my being at home full-time, but friends, this was a new one, and we couldn’t help but laugh. Comments like these no longer surprise us. The war on families…the war on children – In our culture, it is not hidden from clear view. Our world’s definition of worth oftentimes differs from what is truly valuable, and comments like these can simply serve as a reminder that those who choose to serve their families at home may be lacking when it comes to feeling encouraged as they walk in their calling.

The phone call ended with customer service personnel explaining that they would not approve our request for coverage until we sent a detailed document explaining our rationale for increasing the amount of our policy.

Friends, I find myself cringing when friends take to social media to share videos, memes, posts, etc. that show the real value of a woman – For example, things that express sentiments such as“If Moms received a salary, they would be worth $______.”  If we believe God has called us to a specific something (whatever that might be), defending ourselves to others is unnecessary.

Unfortunately, however, that is exactly what the insurance company asked us to do. Of course we provided them the documentation they requested, but I found it incredibly uncomfortable to sit and attach numbers to the various ways in which I believe God has called me to serve my family in this season of life.

When we feel called to a task – any task, God simply calls us to walk in obedience. This will look different for each person…each family, but as we journey through the pages of the individual story He has written for each of us, we can be sure of three things:

It will not always be easy…it will not always be understood…and it will not always be appreciated.

While we may long for the easy road…and so desperately long to be understood…and so, so badly desire for someone to recognize and show appreciation for our consistent sacrifice, we may at times find ourselves walking alone in quiet service, and that may very well be the time when we come face-to-face with Jesus in a way we may never would have otherwise. 

If this is you – no matter what God has specifically called you to in your daily service to Him – please allow me to whisper this word of encouragement to you today,

My fellow Ford, you are doing Mercedes work!

To All My Fellow Fords... by This Little Home of Mine

Set Apart: Our Story by This Little Home of Mine

Set Apart: Our Story by This Little Home of Mine

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  1. Oh my gosh, how rude of that costumer service rep! I totally get wanting to up your coverage – I’ve been debating getting a life insurance policy for myself too, because childcare expenses are outrageous here, and if something happened to me Derek would need it! Thanks for the encouragement in this post though that we don’t have to put price tags on our work at home for it to be valuable. Love your attitude!

  2. Leigh Korn says:

    That is ridiculous and unprofessional in my opinion! I work for a financial services company and we advise a stay at home mom to have coverage on herself at least until her youngest is 18. We take into account the babysiiting, cooking, cleaning, and such expenses that would be needed and evaluate the amount on that.
    You are more than a mercedes, you are a Ferrari 😉

  3. Amazing momma… Keep it up. We mommas need to stick together.

  4. Wow…as a financial professional & life insurance agent and homeschool parent — this is horrible! Congrats though as you realize the importance of protecting your family and your homeschool way of life.You are absolutely correct to call them out on this matter. I advise folks all the time to protect your family with simple term life insurance, both mom and dad. It’s so important to our homeschool lifestyle, it’s basically a ministry for my wife and I, and is even part of my business with

    Keep schooling, keep teaching! If we can help let us know!


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