For this child I have prayed…Really?

Our sweet babies are born. We are deliriously happy about their arrival. We eat up every second of that newborn smell. Our heart explodes over their beginning sounds and sweet snuggles. We post a photo on-line of them and might even include a Bible verse…One like I Samuel 1:27 usually feels just right – For this child I have prayed…

…and then reality hits: the sleepless nights, the difficulties with feeding, the struggles over nap time, the challenges of discipline, the exhaustion that comes from teaching and training, and we begin to complain…


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We go from For this child I have prayed… to Because of this child I will complain.

Friends, it’s taken me more than one kiddo to start to get it just a little bit. (I sure wish I wasn’t such a slow learner!)

The sleepless nights? That sweet [screaming] bundle will eventually sleep for longer stretches of time.

The difficulties with feeding? After pulling all of your hair out piece-by-piece, you will eventually find a solution that works.

The struggles over nap time? It’s typically just a phase…and then you’ll enter a new phase.

The challenges of discipline? They’ll get there…truly reaching a child’s heart doesn’t happen over night…it’s a process…a really, really important process.

We need each other to talk to and learn from…We need to encourage each other and find ways to grow together throughout this journey…and Heaven knows we all need to laugh together once in awhile…but the complaining?

Mamas, we’ve got to stop. We know better. We’re grownups for cryin’ out loud!

Our babies are doing nothing more than acting like babies.

Our toddlers are doing nothing more than acting like toddlers.

Our kids are doing nothing more than acting like kids.

I realize that parenting is difficult…and I’m sure I have many challenges ahead of me; But friends, there is nothing more important to me than being a mom; There is no other piece of my heart that is bigger than the piece that is labeled Mama; There is nothing I am more passionate about than investing in my home; and I’m sure you feel the same way.

So, girls, hear me out! We could go kicking and screaming in to each stage of parenting – whining and complaining all the way – or we could face each phase head-on with a contented perspective remembering that these kiddos are answers to some of our most passionate prayers. They are our heart. They are our passion.

The sleepless nights, the ear infections, the tantrums, the sibling squabbles, the slammed doors, the messes, the messes, the messes…it all comes along with this beautiful GIFT called motherhood.

For these children I have prayed…

…and in all circumstances, I am learning how to quit complaining and be content…and grateful…so, so grateful for these little ones that call me Mommy.

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