Look a Little Longer…

I notice it from time to time:

The lingering gaze from onlookers.


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She stands out.

We stand out.

From the beginning, we understood that this would be part of the journey.

Look a little longer... by This Little Home of Mine

At the start, I wondered if a lifetime of standing out would be more than my mama’s heart could take.

Would I break a little each time someone stared at my daughter longer than I would like?

How often would she notice?

How would it make her feel? 

But if you’ve been following along with our story for long, you know that from the beginning, God has taken every single fear we’ve had and gifted us with a perspective that – at times – still surprises even us.

Why are we surprised when the Father proves faithful to His promises?

Not to say that fears don’t ever creep into our minds.

Not to say that we haven’t faced frustrating interactions, awkward situations, and hurtful words.

Not to say that the road has always been easy or that the future will be free of difficulties.

But our daughter’s Master Designer has allowed us to walk – not as those without hope – but as those who understand that before the foundation of the world was laid, He intimately knew our girl. With love and intention, he purposefully knit her together. With the eternal kingdom on His heart, He established her path with our good and His glory as central, and with those things in mind, we find ourselves filled with excitement for the future and an eagerness to celebrate her story.

We believe God’s promises to be true. We understand His heart for each of us. We trust His redemptive plans from beginning to end. We honor him as always faithful, ever-loving, and powerful enough to take the very things that the enemy desires to use to destroy and use them to advance His kingdom.

Yes, God has made it possible for me [a mother who Satan consistently seeks to wrack with anxiety] to be able to laugh at the future. How is that possible?

Because we serve a Savior who majors in the unexplainable.

Look a little longer... by This Little Home of Mine

Sure, when others fix their gaze on our daughter…on us, they will see a real family with real struggles:

They will see parents who – like all parents – feel tired from the day-to-day responsibilities of desiring to love and serve well.

They will see a mother who struggles with being consistently patient and kind.

They will see siblings who fight over Legos® and have a hard time understanding why they don’t always get what they want.

But in all of that, our hope is that they will look at us and be reminded that each human being has been made in God’s image. We are all part of HIS STORY – and as we cling to Him throughout each chapter of life, He will gift each one of us with all that we need accomplish His good, good purpose and plan.

So look a little longer…

and as you do, we pray you will see our Jesus.

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