Search-and-Find Shopping Hunts

Headed to Target or Walmart for a shopping trip?

Need something to keep the kiddos occupied while you browse?


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I’ve got ya covered!Shopping Hunt: Search-and Find while you shop! by This Little Home of Mine


Search-and-Find Shopping Hunts! 

Created by me – along with the help of my oldest kiddo! 

Yes, we designed these together, which makes it extra special for me to share them with you!

We’ve created a handful of different options for you – depending on where you shop most often.

See the red ones? And the blue ones? 

The red ones have been designed with Target Shopping Trips in mind, and the blue ones have been with Walmart Shopping Trips in mind. ha!

Shopping Hunt: Search-and Find while you shop! by This Little Home of Mine

There’s a preschool version as well as a version for older kids – both available in RED for Target and BLUE for Wal-mart. 


1. Print the version that suits your child best.

2. Attach it to a clipboard.

3. Toss your kiddo in the shopping cart with a clipboard and a crayon! (Target = red crayon / Wal-Mart = blue crayon)

4. Happy shopping!

As you shop, be sure to snap a picture and then tag us on social media!

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We want to see you shopping and your kiddos having fun!

Would your kids love doing a Shopping Hunt?

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Fine Print: This resource is not in any way connected with or sponsored by the Wal-mart or Target corporations – I’m just a mom who shops the same places you do!

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