How to Set Up a Coloring Table

A Coloring Table? This idea had never crossed my mind, but when I saw another mom on Instagram sharing her idea for how to do it, I knew I wanted to try it right away!

Setting up a Coloring Table is as easy at pie! All you need is Painter’s Paper (or brown craft paper) and markers!

I used a large roll of builder-grade drop cloth I had spotted at our local Lowe’s Home Improvement Store, but there are also other options that would work well, too.

One afternoon, while my kids were in their rooms for afternoon rest time, I transformed our eating table into a coloring table!

I simply rolled out enough brown paper to cover the entire table (You can tape it down or let it hang it loosely over the edge of your table.).

Tossed a few markers out on the table.

And we were ready to go with a fun activity to do before dinner!

Crayons, Markers, Paint – anything would work for this! I even saw one mom turn her kids loose with all-things-stickers to use on their brown paper!


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