Thank You for Celebrating Aubrey Day with Us!

Friends, you have completely blown us away today! If you’re visiting this space for the first time, welcome! Around here, today is “Aubrey Day”, and on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, friends from near and far have filled our day with fun pictures of their families choosing joy on Aubrey Day, and the pictures continue to roll in tonight!


Choose Joy on Aubrey Day by This Little Home of Mine


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The Reason Behind the Cookies: Read Here

January 15th is the date in 2016 when we found out our daughter had been gifted with an extra chromosome, and instead of focusing on the challenges and difficulties and struggles and fears that come along with a diagnosis like that, we wanted to do something a little different. We wanted to intentionally CHOOSE JOY and invite our friends and family near and far to join us in doing the same, and they have been amazing! I’ve cried at least twenty times today – all happy tears! Every single picture has felt like a great big hug, and we can’t stop smiling…and crying!

Sweet encouragers, I can not go to bed tonight without saying THANK YOU – to all of you! Over the past several months, we have discovered an incredible online community of families who have walked a similar path as ours, and their kindness has meant the world to us! Not only that, but we have consistently received sweet messages from others who simply want us to know that they are praying for us or that our story has inspired them in some way.

As I have thought through my hopes for this blogging space in 2017, I have felt the Holy Spirit prompting me to be faithful in allowing the Gospel to show through in the things I share here. Yes, I share recipes…and tips for organization…and strategies for teaching preschoolers and elementary students…and random ramblings about being a wife and mom (Sometimes I even get a little feisty! ha!)…but when there is an opportunity for the Good News of Jesus to shine through my writing, I want that to be the case.

As we have walked through the past year, we have been passionate about not wasting our family’s story! We have specifically asked God to protect our hearts and minds as Satan would love nothing more than to use the difficulties in this temporary life to destroy us.

As we share our journey, we want others to see our struggles and our victories. We want others to see the peace and joy that God gives in the HARD. We want the world to know that we serve a loving Father who has the power to transform lives. If you visit this space, I want to point you to Jesus…the answer to any question you’re asking or problem you’re facing. Let’s walk through this life together – not grasping for impossible perfection but holding tightly to a faithful Savior.

Yes, there are struggles…but there are also victories.

Yes, there is HARD, but there is also God’s perfect peace and JOY.

Yes, we are weak, but He is so strong.

These are the things we pray you will see in our story, and our prayer is that it will encourage you in your own journey. 

As we walk this path that God has purposely designed for our family, I look forward to sharing with you all the ways He has been faithful to us, and someday, I look forward to Aubrey sharing her own story with you – in her own time and in whatever way she feels comfortable.

All that to say…Thank you! Thank you for loving us and encouraging us and praying for us and eating cookies with us today! You helped make today SUCH a special day for our family, and we will forever be grateful!

Choose Joy on Aubrey Day by This Little Home of Mine

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Happy Aubrey Day!

Choose Joy on Aubrey Day by This Little Home of Mine

January 15, 2017

Dear Aubrey,
Today is Aubrey Day! It was one year ago today when we learned that God had gifted you with an extra chromosome, and while we felt scared and unsure of how Down Syndrome would impact your life, we were so grateful that God had gifted you to our family, and we wanted to celebrate YOU!
Over the course of the past year, we have watched you grow and accomplish so many things (so many of those things we were scared about at first!). You have amazed us each day, and we have been blown away as we’ve witnessed the loving and intentional way God designed you.
We look at you and see overwhelming beauty and pure joy – just what God had in mind when He knit you together, and our prayer is that you will fall in love with Jesus and hold tightly to Him all your life – He will never fail you. I promise.
We love sharing your sweet spirit and beautiful smile with others. We want the world to know that our Creator is a good, good Father Who loves each of us so deeply, and as you grow, we want you to know that when you face struggles or challenges that may seem difficult or scary, God will give you a special strength and powerful peace to accomplish all that He has for you. He will make you brave, sweet girl, and we will be cheering you on all along the way!
Mommy & Daddy

Choose Joy on Aubrey Day by This Little Home of Mine

Set Apart: Our Story by This Little Home of Mine

Set Apart: Our Story by This Little Home of Mine

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