Cross Painting Activity

Over the years, I have seen a number of ideas similar to this Cross Painting Activity.

It truly is such a simple painting project that kids of all ages will have fun doing.


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Cross Scene Painted on a Canvas

This project can be done on a canvas or it can simply be created on a piece of paper or cardstock.

When my boys were little, they completed this project on canvases I had purchased from a neighbor having a summer yard sale.

What a find – I’m so glad I grabbed them from her!

Then one night at AWANA, my girls created something similar on a piece of thick cardstock paper.

Perfect for putting in a frame!

These projects have been special ones that I’ve chosen to hold onto over the years and display every year during the Easter season.

Painted Cross Canvas Hung in House Entryway

Supplies Needed to Create the Cross Scene

Bottles of Paint and Paintbrushes Sitting on a Table
  • Canvas or Paper/Cardstock – We have also found great deals on canvases on Ollie’s. Are you familiar with that closeout-style store? We have a few in our area!
  • Painter’s Tape or masking tape – You may already have a product like this on hand. You’re simply looking for tape that will not be too hard to peel away when it’s time.
  • Paint – Just about any kind will do! The paint pictured in this post is from Walmart, but there are many different kinds of kid-friendly paints available here.
  • Paintbrushes – When it’s time to paint, let your kids explore with a variety of different size brushes.
Bottles of Paint and Paintbrushes Sitting on a Table

Instructions for Creating Painted Scene

  • Using two strips of painter’s tape, create a simple cross pattern on your blank canvas.
  • Now it’s time to begin painting! You’ll see that my little girls painted freely, while my boys did more of a hill with a sunrise scene. Both options were age appropriate for them at the time, and both options turned out beautifully!
  • Allow the paint to dry. Then carefully remove the painter’s tape.
Two Painted Canvases

The project is complete!

Painted Cross Scene on a Canvas

This is such a special project!

While especially meaningful in the springtime, this creative idea could be used in a variety of different ways – year-round – to point young artists to the Savior.

Two Painted Canvases

Because He lives, I can face tomorrow.

Because He lives, all fear is gone!

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