Sensory Easter Basket

This Sensory Easter Basket idea is not your typical Easter basket –

If you’re looking for an out-of-the-box Easter basket idea, this is it!


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One Easter, we created this basket for our oldest daughter who has Down Syndrome, and it was so much fun to put together.

Closeup of Easter Basket Filler Items

Maybe you have a child who has special needs – or maybe you’re simply inspired by the idea of a Five Senses Friendly Basket, I’m so glad you’re here for this list of ideas!

Sensory Easter Basket for Kids

Sensory Easter Basket

For this actual basket, we used a BILIBO – a fun flexible seating option that comes in lots of different colors!

Of course we filled the “basket” with Easter grass – more pink for my little girl.

Sensory Easter Basket for Kids

Now for the fun part – filling the Easter basket!

Five Senses Easter Basket Filler Items


  • books
  • toys
  • movie tickets
Sensory Easter Basket Idea


  • read-aloud or musical books
  • musical toys
  • sensory tubes or other interactive toys that make various sounds
  • tickets to a concert or show
Sensory Easter Basket Idea


  • extra Easter grass!
  • interactive books
  • fidget toys
  • play dough, foam, or clay
  • art supplies – chalk, squishy paint, Wikki Stix, etc.
  • water toys or outdoor toys – Bonus for extra movement!


  • snacks of various textures – smooth, gummy, crunchy, crispy, etc.
  • favorite juice or smoothie drink with a fun straw
  • intentionally designed sippy cup or drink cup
  • a gift card to their favorite treat shop or restaurant
Sensory Easter Basket Idea


  • scented play dough
  • scented art supplies
  • essential oils or lotions
Sensory Easter Basket Idea

We understand!

We recognize that every child is at a different point in their sensory journey.

You may see items on this list that would be a great fit for your child.

You may also see items that would be difficult for them to handle at this time, but maybe a different idea has come to mind instead.

Our hope is that this idea list will simply serve as a springboard for putting together a basket that is perfectly suited for the needs of the child you love.

Sensory Easter Basket Idea

Some of the items pictured in this particular basket are from ARK Therapeutic.

In the early years of our journey with Aubrey, their resources were so helpful to us!

We used a variety of their products for assistance with feeding as well as later speech therapy.

Wow! These pictures sure do take me back!

Aubrey’s favorite thing in the basket I’m sharing in this post?

The balls!

From the time she was itty bitty, she loved playing ball – still does!

Sensory Easter Basket Idea

That once little girl is older now, but many of the ideas included in this post continue to serve as inspiration when it’s time to put together special gifts for her.

Baby Doll Basket

This basket of baby dolls makes the sweetest Easter basket!

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