Coffee Filter Art Activity

When I see a low-prep art project like this Coffee Filter Art Activity that only requires items we already have on hand, I’m usually pretty quick to gather what we need and let my kids start creating.

This activity only requires coffee filters, markers, and a spray bottle of water.


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Coffee Filters, Markers, and Spray Bottle of Water on Art Try

To help contain any mess that might be created, I usually place these items on a tray, but this is also a fun activity to take outside.

Coffee Filters, Markers, and Spray Bottle of Water on Art Try

Coffee Filter Art Supplies

  • Markers – My kids have always loved the Mr. Sketch Markers, but any washable markers will do.
  • Coffee Filters – Nothing fancy needed here. Coffee Filter Crafts usually just require inexpensive white coffee filters.
  • Spray Bottles of Water – The small travel-size spray bottles photographed here were originally from a dollar store, but we have used larger ones as well, depending on what we have within arm’s reach. Don’t have spray bottle on-hand? You could try an eye dropper – this may be a bit more tedious, but would work as you really won’t need all that much water. These types of tools are a great way to provide young children with fine motor skills work they will enjoy.
  • Art Tray – This colorful tray was purchase from a big box store years ago and has been well-loved in our house over the years. More recently, we’ve also purchased inexpensive plastic trays from IKEA, and they have been perfect for various art projects.
Coffee Filters, Markers, and Spray Bottle of Water on Art Try

Coffee Filter Art Activity Instructions

For this activity, begin by using the markers to make markings/color on an individual coffee filter.

I like to encourage the use of lots of different colors.

She especially loved making those pink dots of color.

When your marker designs are complete, now it’s time to spray the water!

Simply spritz the decorated coffee filter with water and watch what happens to the marker ink!

See how the filters appear to transform into tie dye coffee filters?

My kids love the effect this gives and want to do this activity over and over again!

It’s fun to see how each coffee filter turns out differently!

Once the coffee filters have dried, it’s up to your kiddo what happens next with their colorful creations.

One of my older kids used to like to use Scotch Tape and hang theirs on a window on the back of our house, allowing the sun to provide somewhat of a stained-glass effect. See how this little DIY project could easily become a science activity?

One of my younger daughters likes to use hers as bookmarks in her favorite books.

One time she turned hers into coffee filter dancers, making them fly around in the air like ballerinas.

More Ideas for Little Hands

You could also turn these into butterfly wings, taking this favorite coffee filter craft to the next level – Coffee Filter Butterflies!

How about Coffee Filter Flowers or a Coffee Filter Rose for Mother’s Day?


You could use pipe cleaners to bring these fun ideas to life!

Art Supplies Gathered on a Plastic Art Tray

A Project for Kids of All Ages

When I’ve had younger kids doing this activity, usually my older ones will come around and want to make one, too!

I love how art brings everyone together that way.

We have so many special memories of working on fun (simple) projects like this – usually in the kitchen!

Coffee Filter Art Activity on Colorful Tray

You’ll have to let us know if you give this idea a try!

Maybe you like to have easy projects ready to go for your kids in the morning or your classroom of students in the afternoon.

Or maybe you’re looking for a fun way to bring the whole family together one evening after dinner.

There are so many creative ways you can enjoy this Coffee Filter Art Activity, and we hope you have so much fun with it!

The best part? You probably already have these basic craft supplies on hand!

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