How to Get Wrinkles Out of a Dress

How to get wrinkles out of a dress when traveling is something I’ve been forced to figure out over the years.

When at home, no problem!


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I can either fluff even some of my more delicate pieces in the dryer.

Or I can use our clothes steamer.

Our clothing steamer is probably one of my favorite home appliances.

It’s been years since I used a traditional iron and ironing board setup.

In fact, the only reason we’ve owned one in recent years is so my kids could melt their Perler bead creations.

A couple of years ago, I passed our trusty iron along to my mother-in-law (because it’s at her house where our kids usually create with Perler beads), leaving us not even owning an iron.

Sadly, our clothes steamer is too large to travel with us.

We have a smaller travel steamer we’ve used over the years, but we’ve decided this little handheld steamer is actually a bit of a hassle to use.

Maybe you’ve found a travel clothing steamer – or a travel iron – that works great for you, but for me, I’ve come to love of a different way of getting wrinkles out of my clothing when traveling.

Wrinkle remover spray? No.

I do love this wrinkle release spray by Cold Iron that I have saved with our laundry favorites, but spray bottles don’t always travel well.

I have a different idea – what I believe to be the easiest way to tackle wrinkled clothes.

Hassle-free ways to address issues that can come along with traveling? I’m always up for that!

Simple Trick for How to Get Wrinkles Out of a Dress

My trick?

Hang your dress in a steam-filled bathroom!

That’s right, allow a hot shower to do the work on your wrinkled garment.

  • The first thing you’re going to do is find a way to hang your dress.
Green Dress Hanging on a Bathroom Hook

You’re going to want to hang it as close to the shower as possible, without the possibility of it getting wet.

Some dresses could be damaged by water, so it’s definitely a good idea to consider that before giving this a try.

Is there a shower hook nearby? Would an area on the shower rod work?

  • Now it’s time to turn on the shower!
Dress Hanging in Bathroom Filled with Steam from the Shower

Hot water is going to be what works the magic and gives you the best results.

Make sure the bathroom door is closed, so you can quickly fill that bathroom with lots of steam.

The goal is to have a foggy bathroom mirror!

I also can’t help but also mention that I always like to make sure my kids are occupied elsewhere and nowhere near the hot steamy water.

Don’t want to waste water? I’m with you!

Your dress can hang in the bathroom while you take your shower, making this part of your normal bathroom routine.

I like my showers nice and hot, so this works perfectly for me.

Dress Hanging in Bathroom Filled with Steam from the Shower

Either way, you’ll be amazed how quickly that hot steam causes the wrinkles in your dress to disappear.

The first time I tried this on a wrinkled outfit, I could hardly believe my eyes.

Green Dress Hanging on a Bathroom Hook

This trick has saved the day more times than I can count!

Knowing that I can do this to remove wrinkles from my clothes when I arrive somewhere makes packing so much less stressful on the front end of a trip.

I pack my items as carefully as I can, but then I know I can quickly take care of wrinkled clothing when it’s time to get dressed for the occasion.

This technique works especially well on formal attire.

I don’t want to make promises to every bride out there, but I will say, I have seen this idea work on many a wedding dress!

For us, it was the perfect way to prep my girls’ formal dresses when they were flower girls in my friend’s wedding.

Little Girl's Flower Girl Dress Hanging in the Bathroom

We hung their little dresses in the bathroom and the steamy shower stall provided just the right amount of moisture to remove every last wrinkle from their flower girl dresses.

Little Girl's Flower Girl Dress Hanging in the Bathroom

Their dresses were multi-layered with lots of tulle. So, so sweet, but definitely a wrinkled mess.

We had traveled from the Carolinas to Texas for this wedding, so to say that their dresses need some TLC would be an understatement.

Little Girl's Flower Girl Dress Hanging in the Bathroom

I was so grateful I had this trick up my sleeve.

It worked perfectly for their dresses and mine!

Disclaimer: How to Get Wrinkles Out of a Dress

While this may be our favorite way to deal with a wrinkled clothing item, we do not promise it will work for every type of fabric.

For example, got a stubborn shirt collar? Or a piece of cotton clothing full of stubborn wrinkles?

This may not solve those kinds of problems, but for the dresses we’ve included in this post – and other clothing items like this – we’ve had great success with this shower method.

It’s been a really good option for us when traveling as a family. Wrinkly clothes abound!

I actually remember doing this when I was a single gal on the road for a job interview one time! I had a blazer with some minor wrinkles in it, and this did the trick.

Heading out of town for a special event? Or an important meeting?

No time to find a dry cleaners to help with pesky wrinkles?

Give this simple method a try!

It’s a similar concept as a travel steamer, but no extra packing required.

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