Patterson Farms – Mt. Ulla, NC

If you live in the Carolinas, you are definitely going to want to check out Patterson Farms in Mt. Ulla, North Carolina.

For our first visit to the farm, we decided to set aside one of our Saturday mornings to pay them a visit, and we were not disappointed.


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Patterson Farms Scenic Drive Mt Ulla, NC by This Little Home of Mine

The big red barn was a highlight for our little ones, and this is where we began our morning.

Patterson Farms Red Barn Mt Ulla, NC by This Little Home of Mine

All throughout the year, they offer various programs for families, school groups, etc. and we decided to participate in one of their Learn & Grow Programs.

We started by touring the barn and feeding the animals.

Patterson Farms Farm Animals Mt Ulla, NC by This Little Home of Mine

A pig had just given birth that morning, and we got to meet her little piggies!

I was pregnant at the time, so I felt like I could relate to that mother. ha! 

Next, a guide directed us through a harvest area where we were able to learn how various foods grow.

Patterson Farms Mt. Ulla NC by This Little Home of Mine

…and I loved watching them learn all kinds of new things.

Patterson Farms Pumpkin Patch Mt. Ulla NC by This Little Home of Mine

This pretend cow sprayed water from its udders…definitely a highlight for this crew.

Patterson Farms Milking Cow Mt. Ulla NC by This Little Home of Mine

Our final task included getting to plant green beans.

What kid doesn’t love playing in the dirt?

Patterson Farms Planting Green Beans Mt. Ulla NC by This Little Home of Mine

Our tour ended with the kids being allowed to trade in all the produce they had harvested in exchange for a cold drink or a little serving of ice cream.

Guess what they chose? You guessed it! 

It was a hot, hot summer morning, and ice cream had never tasted so good!

While the ice cream was indeed delicious, hubby and I loved getting to drive through the country to visit Patterson Farms.

It was such a beautiful drive to and from the farm.

We are looking forward to going back for some of their “Pick Your Own” opportunities.

Their Farmer’s Market is full of yummy foods – some of the best produce (and apple butter) we’ve found in our region came from their market.

Mmmm…I wish I had bought more of that apple butter.

If we venture back to pick pumpkins, I know what I’ll be buying at the market.

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  1. Wow, Patterson Farms sounds like an amazing place to spend a Saturday morning with the family! 🌞 The big red barn and the opportunity to interact with farm animals must have been such a delight for the little ones. And learning about how food grows while touring the harvest area sounds both fun and educational. I can only imagine how refreshing that cold drink or ice cream must have been after a hot summer morning of exploring. Plus, driving through the countryside to get there sounds like a beautiful experience in itself. I’m definitely intrigued to visit Patterson Farms for their “Pick Your Own” opportunities and to check out their Farmer’s Market for some delicious produce – especially that tempting apple butter! 🍎

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