Root Beer Reindeer: Christmas Gift Idea

Introducing Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Root Beer – gifted to our family like this:

Rudolph - Red Nosed Root Beer - Gift Idea


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These make such fun party favors (I’m picturing a bucket full of these on ice!), but they also make for a cute food gift idea. This girl right here is ALL about food gifts – let me tell ya! Imagine receiving these delivered to your door from a neighbor? My kids would go wild!

How to Make Root Beer Reindeer

  • Purchase a six-pack of IBC Root Beer. You may have another brand that you love, but IBC is our favorite around here! Anyone else?
  • Next, tie one brown pipe cleaner to the top of the bottle of root beer – twisting it to resemble reindeer antlers.
  • After the antlers are all set, hot glue two googly eyes and one red pom-pom to the front of the bottle, and Voila!

Root Beer Reindeer: Christmas Gift Idea by This Little Home of Mine

Remember the Snowman Jars I shared with you? They were my mom’s handiwork, and so were these super fun and festive Root Beer Reindeer!

Snowman Jar: Christmas Gift Ideas by This Little Home of MineClick Here for more Christmas on Pinterest

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