Snowman Jar: Christmas Gift Idea

There have been times when something I have shared has been the handiwork of my mom, and this cute Christmas DIY is one of those instances!

Remember when I shared her Brown Sugar Banana Bread AND the Nutella Swirl Bread she made for us? Neither one of those disappoint, and when it comes to this fun Christmas gift idea, I think you’re going to thank her all over again.


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How to Make Snowman Jars

Snowman Jar: Christmas Gift Ideas by This Little Home of Mine

She started with a basic canning jar – filling it with a mixture of coconut flakes and pretzels dipped in white chocolate. If you’re feeling energetic, you can make the pretzels yourself or Flipz White Fudge Pretzels will do!

You could also fill it with another tasty treat we love – Snowman Mix:

Snowman Mix: Sweet Christmas Chex Mix by This Little Home of Mine

Next (after placing the lid on the jar), she cut a piece of soft, felt fabric and tied it around the top – arranging it to look like a winter scarf.

After that, she used a hot glue gun/glue dots to attach two sweet buttons! I love the little red pieces of thread that were tied on her buttons before gluing.

Snowman Jar: Christmas Gift Ideas by This Little Home of Mine

To top it all off, she added a gift tag that read:

You are SNOW easy to love.

Snowman Jar: Christmas Gift Ideas by This Little Home of Mine

I’m not sure these Snowman Jar Gifts could be any cuter, and everyone who received one loved the sweet touches on the jar AND the yummy treats found inside!

Not feeling up to making your own gift tags? I can’t get enough of these Mason Jar Tags from I Should Be Mopping the Floor, and I love the food gift idea she shares, too!

Mason Jar Gift Tags from I Should Be Mopping the Floor: Featured on This Little Home of Mine

Do you like delivering food gifts to your friends and family? I sure do! It seems like so many people in our circle prefer food over more candles…or more picture frames…or more Bath & Body Works Gift Sets! ha! A Snowman Jar is the perfect sweet-tasting gift, but these Cheeseball Kits are the answer if you’re looking for a savory idea!

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    Loved this gift idea, applicable not only for Christmas !

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