White Chocolate Candy Cane Pretzels

Leading up to the Christmas season, I spotted this bag of Brach’s Crushed Candy Canes. Right away, I knew they would be perfect for holiday treats! The first sweet snack we made with them were these White Chocolate Candy Cane Pretzels.

White Chocolate Candy Cane Pretzels on a White Plate

Gathering Your Supplies

  • Wax Paper or Parchment Paper on a Large Baking Sheet or Cookie Sheet (or directly on your countertop)
  • Double-Boiler (or pan of boiling water with heatproof glass bowl)
  • Chocolate to Melt
  • Festive Toppings
  • Pretzels to Dip

Any kind of pretzel will work for this sweet treat: pretzel sticks, classic pretzel twists, pretzel rings, mini pretzels, flat pretzel crisps, pretzel rods, anything goes!


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Looking for the Brach’s Crushed Candy Canes mentioned in this post?

This post includes affiliate links for that item, but they are also available in grocery stores – quite possibly at a lower price.

Having trouble finding the crushed candy canes or looking for something altogether different?

Andes makes a variety of peppermint candies pieces that are perfect for peppermint treats.

NOTE: Traditional Peppermint Candy Canes crushed and used as toppings can sometimes be a little too hard.

I personally recommend using a topping that’s not quite so hard on your teeth.

Christmas Pretzel Treats on a White Plate

Preparing Your Chocolate

Begin by melting the chocolate of your choice! Follow the package directions.

Chocolate chips (milk chocolate chips or white chocolate chips), almond bark, or melting chocolate will work well for this dipped pretzel snack.

Which type of chocolate does your family prefer?

For this holiday treat, we typically use white chocolate wafers, but you may choose to use milk chocolate or dark chocolate instead.

Using a double boiler, melt your sweet chocolate. Some may choose to use a microwave-safe bowl, but I’ve always preferred on double-boiler used on my stovetop.

TIP: When melting your chocolate, adding a teaspoon of vegetable oil (or butter) can provide that extra smooth texture you’re looking for in your melted chocolate.

When your chocolate is melted, it’s time to begin dipping!

Dipping Your Pretzels

  • Dip a pretzel in the melted chocolate.
  • Then lay your dipped pretzel on a piece of parchment paper.
  • Next, sprinkle the toppings of your choice on the chocolate-covered area of the pretzel.
Christmas Pretzel Treats on a White Plate

As you can see, we used the crushed candy canes.

We also used a mixture of red sprinkles and green sprinkles we had leftover from cookie decorating.

You maybe also noticed this was the same day we made one of our favorite holiday treats – Rolo Pretzels.

Pretzels Dipped in White Chocolate and Sprinkles - Arranged on a White Plate

This easy holiday treat creates the perfect opportunity for little hands to assist you in the kitchen during the holiday season.

Kids love helping with this simple little recipe.

Working together to create a large batch of this fun treat can provide you with the perfect holiday gift idea for your friends and neighbors.

A Variety of Christmas Pretzel Desserts

Cooling Your Festive Treats

These yummy treats can simply cool on the parchment paper until they’re room temperature.

Or they can be placed outside in the cold!

The day we made this batch, we placed the baking sheet out on the back porch and they were ready to eat in no time.

Red and Green Christmas Pretzel Snacks

Storing Your Treats

Once your white chocolate peppermint pretzels are cooled, they can be stored in an airtight container or a Ziploc bag.

A Great Gift Idea

For gifting, this sweet and salty snack can be placed in a cellophane bag with the bag tied off with pretty ribbon. A homemade gift idea anyone would love!

While this is a great treat for the holiday season, there would be nothing wrong with making them to enjoy any time of year.

White chocolate covered pretzels are a favorite in our house – whether there are toppings sprinkled on them or not.

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