Penguin Books for Kids

Over the years, we have loved sharing our winter-themed picture books, but we thought we’d put together a post that highlights our favorite penguin books for kids.

The titles we’ve included here are from our home library or available at our local library.


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Either way, when the winter months come around, we are ready with books all about animals that live in cold climates.

I love to cuddle up with the little ones in my house and read all about penguins! Aren’t penguins truly some of the most fascinating of God’s creatures?

How Do Penguins Play? – This is a Little Golden Book that will introduce young readers to the way all kinds of different animals romp and play.

Front Cover of How Do Penguins Play

Ten Playful Penguins – This counting book by Scholastic provides children with little penguins they can touch and count while they’re listening to the rhyming text be read aloud.

If you’re looking for a great board book option, this is it!

Front Cover of Ten Playful Penguins Counting Book

Five Little Penguins Slipping on the Ice – A picture book that will cause you to reminisce of those five little monkeys jumping on the bed.

In their preschool years, this has been a favorite winter read for each of my kids.

Front Cover of Five Little Penguins Slipping on the Ice

The Emperor’s Egg – I love picture books that include beautiful illustrations that teach!

This book will introduce your young children to one of the most devoted dads in the animal world.

Front Cover of The Emperor's Egg

Penguins Can’t Fly – Two baby penguins become friends and experience all kinds of fun together.

Winter Books for Kids by This Little Home of Mine

Winter Books

Explore more winter books and sensory activities that pair perfectly with them!

More of our Favorite Penguin Books

  • Tacky the Penguin – There are lots of Tacky books! This beloved series by Helen Lester always seems to bring lots of laughter. I’ll add one more to this list, but then leave you to explore this series of children’s books on your own.
  • Tackylocks and the Three Bears – Truly, this crazy group of penguins are always up to something.
  • The Chilly Little Penguin – This is an Usborne Reader. You can find more penguin books from Usborne here.
  • Penguins, Penguins Everywhere – This penguin picture book appears to have very simple text, but it actually includes lots of great descriptive words. I love being able to introduce young readers to new vocabulary!
  • Little Penguins – This adorable book is by the beloved author, Cynthia Rylant.
  • 365 Penguins – This one will have you laughing!
  • Where is Home, Little Pip? – If your kids enjoy Karma Wilson’s Bear book series, they’ll like this penguin story.
Front Cover of Where is Home, Little Pip

While the preschool books are fun, it’s also pretty special when kids begin to get a little older and you’re able to introduce more advanced non-fiction reads.

It’s so neat to see children begin to build on that foundational knowledge they gathered when they were younger.

Over the years, I have found most of these kinds of resources second-hand.

Front Cover of The Emperor Penguins Nonfiction Book

Non-Fiction Penguin Books

  • The Emperor Penguins Let’s Read and Find Out Science Book – The copy I have is indeed the vintage version. You can find a more updated version here.
  • Animal Lives: Penguins by Teacher Created Resources – This book was in my classroom library for years and is now part of our home library. I love the beautiful photographs included in this book.
  • National Geographic Kids: Penguins – There are a handful of other penguin theme titles from National Geographic Book.
  • Penguins – This is a Level 2 Step into Reading book.
  • The Life Cycle of a Penguin
  • Penguins by Gail Gibbons – Full of interesting penguin facts! This author has several books that would be the perfect addition to your homeschool bookshelf. The ones we have on our shelves are full of such good information.
Front Covers of Nonfiction Penguin Books

In fact, most of the books you will find in our home library have been purchased from yard sales and thrift stores!

Front Cover of Penguin Books

A collection of books like this that includes both fiction and non-fiction titles provides you with the perfect opportunity to have your little learner sort the books!

Front Covers of Penguin Books

Create two stacks – fiction books and non-fiction books, and use these labels for sorting the piles!

Book Labels - Fiction and Nonfiction Sorting Labels

Have other kinds of books that would be great for sorting into categories?

There are a variety of labels included in this free download!

Simply sign up to access our free resource library and print your category labels.

This post includes affiliate links to books we love. Thank you for your support of This Little Home of Mine.

More Penguin Activities

Maybe you’re considering a penguin unit study!

Here are a few additional ideas you might enjoy.

  • Draw a penguin! Here is a fantastic video for learning how to draw a realistic emperor penguin, but this YouTube channel also includes penguin drawing videos for younger children.
  • Take a penguin class on Outschool! Want $20 toward Outschool classes? Here ya go! Lila, MFA’s class Let’s Learn How to Draw Animals – Penguin! is an excellent drawing option on Outschool. As you explore the Outschool site, you may discover another fantastic penguin themed class.
  • Use a globe or a map to locate where penguins live on planet earth. The foam puzzle pictured here was picked up second-hand. I wish I had more information about the makers of it! The book pictured here is “Where is Home, Little Pip?”
Photos of Penguins
  • Play relay games – pretending you are carrying a penguin egg on your feet!
  • Enjoy penguin poems from Antarctic Antics: A Book of Penguin Poems. Then challenge students to write their own Antarctic poem.
Front Cover of Antarctic Antics
Polar Bar Science Experiment

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