Fall Learning Activity Ideas

Fall is a favorite time of year for our family, and in this post, I’m sharing a list of fall learning activity ideas that have been fun for us over the years. My hope is that you will see something that would excite the kids in your life!

Fall Baking with Kids

Fall Reading Time

Field Field Trips

  • Apple Orchard
  • Pumpkin Patch

STEM Activities

Fall Activity Packet: STEM Activities for 1st-3rd Grade by This Little Home of Mine
Fall Activity Packet: STEM Activities for 1st-3rd Grade by This Little Home of Mine

Fall Do-A-Dot

Fall Sweets and Treats

Use Fall Candy/Treats to Create:

  • patterns
  • arrays
  • greater than/less than symbols
  • place value amounts
  • groups of 5s/10s
  • fractional amounts

More Fall Activity Ideas

  • Popsicle Scarecrow (See Photo)
  • Fall Magnets (from The Dollar Tree – used on our Playroom Magnet Board)
  • Sink or Float with Leaves and Rocks (See Photo – We’ve used faux leaves for this activity)
  • Gather leaves, acorns, sticks, rocks, etc. and measure using inches and centimeters.
  • Gather leaves, acorns, sticks, rocks, etc. and paint them. We’ve even taken small collections of acorns and painted them to look like little acorn families – so fun!
  • Leaf Rubbings
  • Draw characters from a fall read-aloud.
  • Make trail mix. Extend this activity for older kids by having them add different fractional amounts of various ingredients to the trail mix.
  • Create fingerprint pumpkins. (See photo – three small thumbprints and a painted brown stem)
  • Play with fall cookie cutters and play dough.
  • Use fall stamps, fall cookie cutters, and markers to create!

Another Cookie Cutter Idea for Fall

Fall Fine Motor for Little Hands

Hide flashcards, game pieces, etc. in sensory bins or trays – faux leaves work great for this.


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  • The matching activity is from an Etsy shop that is now closed.
  • Our favorite fine motor tools are by Learning Resources and can be found here.

Fall Leaf Hunt

Fall Leaf Hunt Cards - Free Printable

Fall Spin Art

Thanksgiving for Kids

Storing Fall Activity Supplies in the Off-Season

  • Our homeschool closet holds our fall books and the fall activities we have. This orange bin has been perfect for storing these resources.
  • In our kitchen, there is a small shoebox size bin for each season/holiday that holds kitchen-related items like festive party items, cookie cutters, treat bags, etc.
  • Our kitchen is also home to our sensory supplies – these are used for activities year-round.

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